Ok, how do I start this with out being judged or ridiculed?! I know this is going to be really hard for a lot of people to read. And I know I will be criticized for what I am about to say. It’s hard for a mother sometimes to deal with her own children. I mean, I walk around witnessing it all the time! This concept of expecting your partner to accept and embrace your children is a bit extreme to me. Here is the thing, I chose not to be a mother by choice. yes, this might sound evil, but I don’t like children! I never did. I don’t see them to be adorable or cute or anything special. Having said that, I am all for children’s rights to be protected, take care of, and educated. These little souls didn’t ask to be born. why hurt them in any shape or form?! they are the product of two “sometimes stupid” individuals. The way I see this, if you want children, then you should be fully committed and hands on, there is no other way to this. You get divorced, then deal with it. It should be 50/50. Not a one parent thing. Most likely after a divorce the couple move onto having other partners. They should be fully aware that it is their children and theirs to deal with! You as a parent should not expect someone else to chip in! Whoever you choose to be with after that should also be given a choice to either be part of that child’s life or not. I chose not to. I chose not to take care of them while their mother is still alive, I can never fill her shoes, and no matter what I do I will never do enough. I will always be their dad’s wife and nothing else. I married their father, not them. I wash my hands from this responsibility and wish not to have my own for that reason. A commitment I feel like I can not fulfill. Let’s face it, we are not all born with motherly bones! It’s not fair what happens to children all over now, divorce rates are high, and life is rapidly changing. Get married, get a partner, but think and act carefully and wisely. Don’t get an innocent life involved in your own mud. If you can’t be or stay with someone, then don’t have a child for the sake of fixing things or thinking that this would be your salvation! Don’t use children as a tool for your own selfish needs. Children don’t deserve this, and we have enough drama going on in this world and enough damaged individuals. there is no need for more. Put an end to this, and stop being selfish!